About The project

ICCI project (Training Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurs and their intermediaries on internationalisation) is a KA2 Strategic Partnership for Development of Innovation financed by European Commission under the Erasmus + program.

The coordinator of the project Italian Chamber of Commerce of Lyon hosted representatives of organizations coming from Estonia (Creative Estonia), Germany (Gelsenkirchen Municipality), Hungary (KIKK), Italy (Materahub Industrie Culturali e Creative), Spain (FyG), Romania (PowerNet), UK (Creative Alliance).

The project is funded by Erasmus +, the program of European Commission promoting the development of education in Europe, and is focused on training creative and cultural industries’ operators (Iboth entrepreneurs and business intermediaries) to get the skills and competences needed to internationalize their business or their cultural projects.


This platform is part of the Project ICCI (Training Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurs and their intermediaries on internationalisation).

The project is developing a specific training for the creative and cultural sector on internationalization.

The training took place in Matera, Italy, from 29th of January 2018 to 2nd of February 2018 and was specifically developed for:

The training is designed for participants coming from the following countries:

The call for participants was open until end of December 2017 and the selected participants were informed in January 2018.

The costs of participation (travel and accomodation) were covered by the project.

Evaluation and ICCI Certification

Self-Assessment Tool

At the beginning of the training course, you can self-assess your CONFIDENCE with the subjects and goals of the course, using the test below:



ICCI Test and Certification Tool  

After the training course you can test your knowledge of the subjects and goals of the course taking this exam:


This test creates a pass certificate for any user who achieves a pass (a score of 60% or more).


Learning environment:

After following the training courses, please take 2 minutes to evaluate the learning environment: